A4 Gloss Laser Permanent Labels, 1,000 Sheets per carton (8 sizes to choose from)

Laser Label
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A4 Gloss Laser Permant Labels

Supplied in a box of 1,000 sheets


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10th Nov 2016

Labelling bottles

We have been using these labels for many years. The labels go through our Fuji Xerox laser printer and we get excellent colour labels that we use to label plain white bottles. Our design for this gloss label is to leave lots of white space to give the impression that it is a glossy white label. Too much printing makes it all go matt where it is printed and that is just a fact of printing. Overall the quality is high enough that we have not even explored getting labels from a printer as yet. Lots of PRO's here is the CON.... I originally got the 2up 3up and 4up in boxes. The 4 up labels were not widely used so they lay there for at a minimum 2 years, probably more, in a hot shed. They still stick, but the corners can peel back a bit so I recommend a cooler place and use them up. We now buy the 2 ups which we go through a lot of, and to make 4ups we use out guillotine to cut the 2up in half after printing. Also note that I got a call once when I accidently ordered the matt labels online. They made sure it was the gloss I wanted and sorted it out. I use this as example of excellence of service with my staff. Well done.

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