The Online Label Shop

Welcome to The Online Label Shop

Our online store is now in it's Seventh year and we have now made a few changes which will make it easier for our customers to find the labels they need and have them delivered to their door.

We are always open to suggestions on new labels our customers think we should stock.

The Online Label Shop is a part of PDQ Printing Company where we manufacture massive amounts of self adhesive labels to the food and beverage, healthcare, chemical and freight industries to name a few.

The store was designed to sell standard labels that we could produce in bulk and sell online to multiple customers at a competitive price.

The most recent labels introduced to our store are for the GHS, which are also known as Globally Harmonised System or Globally Harmonized System of classification.

We now produce and stock all Nine of the Hazard Pictograms in the GHS and these represent the physical, health and environmental hazards. These are named Explosives, Flammables, Oxidisers, Gases Under Pressure, Corrosives, Acute Toxicity, Environmental Hazard, Harmful / Irritant, Harmful to ozone layer and Severe Health Hazards.

The Globally Harmonised System was introduced in Australia on 1 January 2012 and becomes Mandatory on 1 January 2017.

Thank you for visiting The Online Label Shop and we hope we can keep you stocked up with the labels you need to help sell your product.